Quercus marilandica

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Quercus marilandica
Quercus marilandica SEF.jpg
Photo by John Gwaltney hosted at Southeastern Flora.com
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class: Magnoliopsida - Dicots
Order: Fagales
Family: Fagaceae
Genus: Quercus
Species: Q. marilandica
Binomial name
Quercus marilandica
Natural range of Quercus marilandica from USDA NRCS Plants Database.

Taxonomic Notes

Synonym: Q. neoshei (Bush)

Variety: none


Q. marilandica is a perennial shrub/tree of the Fagaceae family that is native to North America. [1]


Q. marilandica is found throughout the eastern United States; as far north as New York and as far west as Texas. [1]



Common habitats include upland forests and woodlands. It prefers droughty soils of clay, deep sands, or sandstones. [2]

Q. marilandica has been known to have a high tolerance to drought but it is not tolerant of shade. [1]


Blooms typically occur during the mid spring and seeding in the fall. [1]

Fire ecology

Q. marilandica has a low tolerance for fire. [1]

Conservation and Management

Cultivation and restoration

Photo Gallery

References and notes

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