Morella cerifera

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Morella cerfiera
More ceri.jpg
Photo by Karan A. Rawlins, University of Georgia,
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Tracheophyta- Vascular plants
Class: Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Order: Fagales
Family: Myricaceae
Genus: Morella
Species: M. cerfiera
Binomial name
Morella cerfiera
(L.) Small
More ceri dist.jpg
Natural range of Morella cerfiera from USDA NRCS Plants Database.

Common names: Common waxmyrtle; Southern bayberry

Taxonomic notes

Synonyms: Myrica cerifera L.; Myrica cerifera Linnaeus var. cerifera; Morella cerifera (Linnaeus) Small; Cerothamnus ceriferus (Linnaeus) Small


"Dioecious or monoecious shrubs or small trees, with brown to brownish-black, pubescent to glabrate twigs. Leaves deciduous or semi-evergreen, coriaceous, petiolate, exstipulate. Staminate catkins ovoid-cylindric, 0.6-2 cm long, 4-6 mm in diam.; bracteate and bracteolate; stamens 2-1, mostly 2-5. Pistillate catkins ovoid or cylindric, 5-10 mm long, deciduous-bracteate. Fruits drupaceous, white, globose, verrucose, 2.5-7 mm in diam. A taxonomically difficult group with intergrading species." [1]

"Shrub or small tree, 0.3-7 m tall. Leaves oblanceolate or elliptic, to 8 cm long and 2cm wide, heavily resinous on both surfaces, usually pubescent beneath, acute or obtuse, serrate or entire, base cuneate to attenuate, petioles to 1 cm long. Fruits 2.5-3.5 mm in diam." [1]


Is found within the Coastal Plain and as far north as New Jersey. [2]



Is naturally found in interdune swales, pocosins, brackish marshes, and other wet to moist habitats. [2] Is widely planted as an ornamental or as a landscaping shrub. [2]


Flowers in April, and also from August to October. [2]

Conservation and management

Cultivation and restoration

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References and notes

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