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Michelle M. Smith



Intern, Fire Ecology Laboratory, Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy.

B.S., Biology and Environmental Studies, Florida State University.


I recently completed my Bachelor's degree in Biology and in Environmental Studies at Florida State University. I was an intern in the Fire Ecology Lab at Tall Timbers Research Station from 2014 through 2016. I am currently in Vale, Oregon working with the Bureau of Land Management. I am conducting vegetation surveys and monitoring breeding sites for the Greater Sage-Grouse in eastern Oregon. I plan to attend graduate school within the next year, seeking a Master's in Biology. My research interests include botany, fire ecology, ecology, and land management. My hobbies include hiking, botanizing, and driving.

Data sources used

Home page

I upload plant pictures, mostly from around Tall Timbers, on my Instagram page. (Contact me for my page)

Contact Info

Email: micsmith5896@gmail.com

Notes on contributions

Photos: Chamaecrista fasciculata (Partridge Pea); Asclepias curtissii; Calamintha dentata; Agalinis fasciculata; Bejaria racemosa; Cirsium horridulum; Lachnanthes caroliana; Hypericum crux-andre; Lygodesmia aphylla; Manfreda virginica, Warea cuneifolia,Rhus copallinum

Observations: Asclepias curtissii at Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, Tequesta, Fl. (August 2015). Agalinis fasciculata flowering along Piney Z Lake (part of Alford Greenway), Tallahassee, Fl. (September 2015). Saw Bidens bipinnata flowering at Alford Greenway in September 2015. Saw Berjaria racemosa flowering at Archbold Biological Station in late August of 2015. Saw Lachnanthes caroliana flowering in late June/early July along Hwy 90 heading westward from Tallahassee, in Apalachicola National Forest along Hwy 65, and along Garcon Point Water Management Area - Garcon Point Trail, Pensacola, FL. Saw Lygodesmia aphylla flowering in August (2015) on Torreya State Park restoration property with Annie Schmidt. Saw Manfreda virginica flowering at Garcon Point Water Management Area, Pensacola, FL. Has been observed Euphorbia pubentissima flowering in October, after a prescribed burn in July, at Pebble Hill Plantation, Grady County, GA. Warea cuneifolia seen at ABRP.