Cuthbertia ornata

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Cuthbertia ornata
Call orn.jpg
Photo by Wayne Matchett above is of Callisia ornata (accepted synonym),
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class: Liliopsida – Monocotyledons
Order: Commelinales
Family: Commelinaceae
Genus: Cuthbertia
Species: C. ornata
Binomial name
Cuthbertia ornata
(Small) G. Tucker
Call orna dist.jpg
Natural range of Cuthbertia ornata from USDA NRCS Plants Database.

Common name: Florida scrub roseling

Taxonomic notes

Synonyms: Callisia ornata (Small) G. Tucker; Tradescantia rosea Ventenat var. ornata (Small) E.S. Anderson & Woodson

Varieties: none


A description of Cuthbertia ornata is provided in The Flora of North America.

C. ornata is a annual plant with linear blades and a stalk that can reach up to 12 inches high.[1][2] It can be identified by having thin, grasslike leaves along the stem and a flower scape that is held above the nearest leaves.[1]




C. ornata is endemic to the Florida peninsula and can be found in sandhills, palmetto-wiregrass scrubs and has occurred along roads.[1][2]


Flowers are pink, ephemeral, bisexual, and radially symmetrical (Lakela 1972); usually blooming late summer and early fall.[1]

Seed dispersal

In late summer and early fall the ripened seeds can be found scattered below the parent.[1]


The following Hymenoptera families and species were observed visiting flowers of Cuthbertia ornata at Archbold Biological Station: [3]

Halictidae: Augochlorella gratiosa

Conservation and management

Cultivation and restoration

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References and notes

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